Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Grumble, grumble

So Here I was thinking I had been all productive on my lunch break. I had called Andrew about where I should go to get loose tea. He sent me over to Tealuxe in Harvard Square. While there I picked up a tin of Gingerbread tea as well as a little tea pot shaped thing for putting your used tea bag/strainer on. So I head back to the T. While waiting I decide to see what the tea smells like. (I had picked it soley on the name- thought it sounded fin for a Christmassy type gift.) I then proceded to spill some of it on the station platform. Greeeat. I figured I hadn't spilled that much, no big deal. Still ok to put in the can. Fast forward to 20 minutes ago. I try to put the tin of tea in the paint can. Nope. Square can does not fit in round paint can. And it's only like 1/4 inch too big. Aaaargh. Also, the little tea bag holder thing is also too big, by only a smidged. Double aaaargh. So now I'll ahve to go back to Tealuxe to get more tea. They also sell it not in pretty tins but in boring paper bag things. Hopefully that will fit better in my can. And now that I know what it smells like, I won't have to open it and risk spilling. I guess I can just tie the tea bag holder thing on top with some ribbon.

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~Mel said...

ooh that stinks, but the paint can is cute! This is so cute for ladies who have afternoon gatherings with friends or other Moms. Maybe that's how you market that one!