Monday, October 10, 2005

Chainsaw Weekend

So my dad has this house out in western Mass. He likes to try to come up with excuses to get us all out there from time to time. So, it seems that we now have a variety of "theme" weekends that we gather out there. This weekend was the annual Chainsaw Weekend. The first year we held this event there was actually quite a bit of chainsawing. Each year since there has been less and less. It should probably be called Brush Clearing Weekend, but that doesn't sound nearly as fun.

Anyway, this year it was cold and drizzly and not the best for being outside hauling branches and playing with power equipment. So Sunday we instead took a trek to the local apple farm. While we were there, I saw this tree which I thought looked perfect for climbing, so of course I had to climb it. (Actually, there were a number of great climbing trees.)

After apple picking we headed back to the house for some baking. We made a double bathc of Apple Brown Betty (dad's idea of a good breakfast) as well as a birthday cake (celebrating Dad's, Andrew's, and Chris' birthdays). It was a butterscotch cake with a streusal filling. Chris and I had found the cake mix as well as a really fun bundt pan while we were killing some time in Williams Sonoma last week. Chris pointed out that he seems to always be buying, ordering, or making hsi own birthday cakes.

Monday after sleeping in nice and late, we did finally make it out for a little bit of chainsawing. we probably would have done more, but the drizzle turned into rain. So, we finished up the tree we were working on and headed inside. After a late lunch we all headed off in our own directions.

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~Mel said...

Looks like you had a good weekend... the pictures are fun. It took me a second to realize you were on the top of the tree. Once I saw you I jumped back and said outloud "oooh there she is". Good thing I was alone. I like the picture you took looking down of Chris. His eyes and the apples really stand out. Perfect for scrapping.