Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Jumping on the blog bandwagon...

So about half an hour ago I was commenting to my friend Mel how I didn't think I wanted a blog. Then, what do I do? I start this blog. I told her if she nagged me enough maybe I woudl get one. Well, one comment from her and here it is. (Is that really nagging if she only mentions once that I should?) So anyway, here it is. The Nook.


~Mel said...

WOW! That did not take long at all!!!

All I had to do was make one mention of your toolbelt and BAM - Chris Blog!

Does it work if I tell you I want $1,000,000??

Christine R said...

Love it!! Hello Chris! Now let's get everyone else on board....except my computer challenged friend Tricia-I'll hook her up when I'm home next summer!