Thursday, May 04, 2006

6x6 is so small!

Started working on a page for the recipe swap this evening. Not the one I had originally been planning on doing (will do that one later maybe, or hold on to this one for later) and realizing that 6x6 is tiny! It's a nice size because you can get 4 pages from one piece of paper, but so much info to put on the page and very little room for anything else. Glad I didn't have any pictures I wanted to put on this one- just a cute title accent. (Get to use my QK Bunny!) Can't wait to see what everyone else is coming up with for pages.


~Mel said...

Is that what you worked on Thursday?? I can't wait to see what yours looks like. I'm going to try to start mine this weekend. (Still have Mother's day cards too though...)

Christine R said...

love it! 6x6 is small I know! Can't wait to receive them!!