Thursday, May 25, 2006

Happy Third Anniversary!

So some of you may not know, but Mel and I share the same anniversary date. We met on a website called The Knot that was for wedding planning. So, since we had the same date, we clicked. But the similarities don't end their. We chose the same color for our attendants, I tried on her wedding dress, we both like lilacs and I think each had some at our weddings, even though we registered for different dishes, they received one that was our pattern... Mel, any more that you can think of?

And you'll get this card eventually. I made it on NSD and meant to mail it earlier this week, but I completely spaced and remembered yesterday that I hadn't sent it. So, it went in the mail today.


~Mel said...

Happy 3rd Anniversary to us!

There were a ton of similiarities and besides the ones you mentioned I can't remember the other ones.

Besides the whole wedding thing, we got the scrapping thing down!

Christine R said... sweet. Someone, maybe Britt, was asking how you guys met and I thought it was something on line but probably guessed scrapbooking. How awesome is that. And you both were scrappers already? What a great story. Love all the similarities.

Happy 3 Year Anniversary!

Chris said...

I thnk we both did some scrapping before, but it was really after the wedding that Mel introduced me to 2Peas and I became the addict that I am today. :) And I broke the rules and scrapped my wedding first.

Brittany's Corner said...

Happy 3 Year Anniversary to you both!!!! I love having friends I click is great you two are the same!!! Love it.

Great card by the way!!!!

Christine R said...

Yes awesome card by the way. Love the playing card!