Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Job hunting sucks!

Here I was thinking things were going great. I had two companies that loved me. They both gave me offers. And yesterday I also got a voicemail from the people I would be working for at that company telling me how they loved me, I was their number one choice, and they would be getting an offer out to me, etc. So anyway, this morning I called the agency I’m working with and accepted the offer. I then found out that it was pending reference checks. (Why make an offer before doing all your checks?!) So ok, whatever. I figured my references were good. And then at 5:30 I get a call back from the agency saying that the company was rescinding its offer. WTF! The woman that I spoke with from the agency had no idea why they did this. I have no idea why they did this. What made them change their minds? Yes I’ve had some work problems in the past, but I am determined to make an effort to change. I have a guess of who they might have talked to who would make them change their minds, but I’m not so sure. Good thing I still have that second offer, right? Let’s hope I don’t encounter any further problems. And with the second offer, the base salary is slightly more than first offer, but the benefits aren’t nearly as good. Job might actually be slightly better, but I’m not 100% thrilled by the work environment. Oh well. Guess I’ll learn to like it, right?


Christine R said...

that is terrible. they should make something like that illegal. not to mention when anyone works somewhere and doesn't like it(or whatever it is)-it happens.

maybe this is a blessing in disguise. maybe the other one is going to give you so much more!

~Mel said...

I was going to say that too ... maybe it's for the better that it didn't work out.

So has the offer at #2 been accepted? When's your start date? I was wondering if you're there now as you haven't been on IM today.

Chris said...

Start date is the 15th. Just never logged into IM today. Plus had some errands to run.