Friday, May 05, 2006

Felicitaciones al cinco de Mayo!

Ok, so I think I got my Spanish right there. Today was an absolutely gorgeous. According to my Weatherbug, it got up to 79 degrees here. Personally I think it was a bit warmer. Or at least it felt that way as I was driving around doing some errands.

Got my first bunch of recipe cards done. Great sense of accomplishment to get them done. Christy, do you want me to send you all 10 or keep one for myself and send you 9? And if you're curious, I can post it here.

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Christine R said...

Heck yeah I'm curious!! This is my thinking on the ten thing or nine thing. You may keep one if you want to but I will be mailing ten of mine...only to keep me accountable for making myself one...I don't want to get lazy and maybe someone wants to receive all ten at once so it's like a nice surprise...however you want to do it!