Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I'm a working girl again

Well, I survived day one of my new job, and I’m on to day two. It’s always overwhelming when you start at someplace new. There are so many new names and faces, trying to figure out how to get where you need to go, and of course, every company does things differently. So although you should know how to do something simple, it suddenly becomes a very difficult task.

Yesterday I wanted to get going on some work, but first I needed to figure out where the printer was, get access to my boss’s calendar, etc. I’m trying to be more conscientious about making a list of what needs to be done, not putting things off etc, but at this point there isn’t a ton for me to do. In some ways this is good (gives me a chance to get settled) but in others I would rather just dive right in and feel busy and like I’m getting a lot accomplished. To make life even more interesting, my boss was in yesterday, but then she’ll be traveling the rest of the week. She’s emailed me a couple of things to do, so that’s good, but it’s still pretty slow for me at the moment.

I must say, I was slightly disappointed yesterday. No one offered to have lunch with me. You would think that someone would make a point of reaching out to me on my first day. Oh well. I guess it’s not a very social bunch of people. Not that I’m exactly a social butterfly, but being the new person is so awkward.

I must say though, I love the last few sentences of this introductory email sent out to the company.
“We also have a new team member in Marketing, Chris Breecher. Chris joins Unica as my executive assistant. Chris will be responsible for assisting me across a number of areas, including candidate interview support and scheduling. Chris joins us from Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research and Polaris Venture Partners. In addition to being highly organized and efficient, Chris has a strong creative streak. She has worked as a costume designer and has invented successful products for scrapbookers.”


~Mel said...

Invented successful products for scrapbookers??? Well well ... what other products have you invented? Are you holding out on us!

And that's nice that she sent out the email to let everyone know that you're there!

Yes, I would think it was weird no one offered to have lunch with you. But maybe they're just so used to doing their own thing that they forget (bad on them though...)

And yah for being a working girl again (not the illegal variety).

Christine R said...

Congratulations!!! I really liked the line about scrapbooking! When I worked a job once and after a few days a girl invited me out to lunch...it does feel good and gives you a friend out there. I hope someone does that for you tomorrow! You could always try stepping outside the box and asking someone else to lunch?? That would kill me if I had to do it. Congrats! Umm do you like your job?

Michelle said...

Congratulations on your new job! I'm sure you'll be a great success :)