Sunday, June 25, 2006

Before and After


And After

These pictures only show the completed parts of the garden, about half of it. At the top of the first of the after pictures is a small area with paivng stones and gravel. This is so that the oil guy can go and fill up our tank and I don't need to worry about him stepping on my plants.

Finally got rid of all of the weeds, tilled the ground, removed lots of rocks, bricks, shells, and rotted railroad ties. Realized we had now created a massive erosion issue, and decided to put in some retaining walls. Put in two walls, got rocks for one more, and think we need to put in a fourth wall as well. Most of my plants are now in, just a couple more waiting for one of the other walls to go in.

Realized we spent a LOT of money on this given the fact that we are just renting, so we are determined that we have to stay here for a while. Also, realizing what we should have done differently, so we'll be masters by the time we buy our own place and do a garden there.


Christine R said...

Wow! It didn't look like there was that much space there. Nice job. Can you come do something with my place?

Brittany's Corner said...

BIG difference. Great job on what you did. I bet you both are exhausted....looks like lots of hard work! NICE

Brittany's Corner said... your recipes today..they are great!!