Sunday, June 04, 2006


If you ever have a house that you decide to rent out, and you are nice and repaint all the walls, please also paint the insides of the closets. Especially if the paint in them is decades old and brown/grey in color. This is also very important if there are no lights in the closets as it makes them even darker and harder to see. I nice coat or two of white paint makes a world of difference.

Chris and I have now spent our weekend painting closets. Not exactly the easiest and we would much rather have spent the time moving stuff and actually putting things in the closets.


Christine R said...

I will remember this!
No future plans of renting something out but if I do so glad I've got you! I got Linda's recipe! Everything looks so great-will be mailing tomorrow!

Brittany's Corner said...

I'm with Christine.....will try and remember, but no plans to rent. Glad you are at least in your new place. Enjoy unpacking! I am so use to it that I think I could do it blind folded, JK. Have a great week.

~Mel said...

Ooh painting the inside of a closet - interesting!

Cicada said...

Actually, I may do that to a couple of my closets. There's no lighting in any of my closets, and bright white paint could only help... thanks for the tip!