Monday, June 19, 2006

The Carnival

Hi, my name is Chris Breecher. I’m twenty-eight years old, and I’ve never been to a carnival. Ok, as I wrote that I remember that one summer my cousin Lynn came to visit and she won a large stuffed animal. However, that was back in ’83 or so, and I have no actual recollection of the carnival. Also, every spring the carnival would come to Grafton and I would have to walk through it on my way to school where it was set up in the parking lot. Yet I never actually attended.

So this past week I saw signs for the “Giant Carnival” being held at Belmont High. I wasn’t expecting a lot, which was good because it was pretty bad. Even Chris admitted that it was a pretty pathetic carnival.

We went on the swings first, which was a mistake. The ride was far too long. I took some pictures at the beginning, but after 6 minutes of spinning I was starting to not feel so hot. When the ride finally ended Chris and I found a bench and sat for a while and looked at my photos. Other rides we went on were the twister and the Fun House- not sure what it’s called, but the weird obstacle course kind of ride that’s at the end of Grease. We also had fried dough, watched part of a lame magic show, and then ended the evening with the slides.

I was hoping to get a picture of us on the slides, but I didn’t want to ask the sketchy worker to take our picture. Also, it was starting to rain. When we first picked up our sacks it seemed like a light sprinkle. By the time we climbed the ladder it was pouring. We pretty effectively dried the slide down for them, and our jeans were soaked. We then dashed to the car and were glad for a quick ride home where we could get into dry clothes.

I now leave you with some highlights of our adventure.


Christine R said...

Ok I can top you on the carnival thing...I've never taken my kids to a zoo. Glad you went and it looks like you had a great time. I was talking to Tricia today and we were talking about how things look bigger when your little. Like the neighborhood pool we would visit looked huge-now, tiny. Anyways.

Chris said...

Never taken your kids to the zoo?!?! I think you need to remedy that!

~Mel said...

Never went to a carnival???? Really - see that fascinates me. However as you've experienced, you're not missing much.

And I've been to the zoo maybe 5 times in my life and I think that's 4 times too many.

Brittany's Corner said...

oHHHHHHH, I love the zoo. i can do without the whole carnival thing. i pretty amazed that you had never been to one before!!! looks like you two had a "little" fun.

Christine......take them kids to a zoo!!!lol