Thursday, June 08, 2006

Ramblings on a Rainy Day

Yes, I have a problem. I read that Mel had received her recipes yesterday but since we didn’t go over to the Belmont apt yesterday I didn’t know if mine were there or not. So on my lunch break today I ran over there to see if they had arrived. They had! Also a package from was there. Score, two packages in one day! And those are some great looking recipes. Now I want to get busy making some kind of album for them.

I then went around closing windows. Given that today it’s 55 degrees and rainy, it was cold in that apartment. And our oil tank needs to be filled, so it’s not like I can turn on the heat. I guess we’ll just have to bundle up in sweatshirts when we go over tonight.

Can I just say how tired of moving I am? I feel like we’ve been constantly taking stuff over there and there’s still so much more to go. Last night Chris and I decided to take a break. Nice idea, but now I’m starting to get anxious about how much stuff we have left to deal with. I invited my dad and Liz over for Father’s Day, so it needs to be somewhat put together by then.

I also ran to the old apartment to grab some food for lunch. There was a note in our mailbox about what we need to do re vacating, turning in keys, etc. There was a bit about what our rent would be for June since we’re only paying for a partial month. It was then I realized that we had completely forgotten to pay rent yet. There are some pretty steep fines for late payment, so hopefully we don’t get stuck with those.


Christine R said...

I would have done the same thing-but I might have gone last night! Problem-nah? Glad you got them and they are nice! I love 'em. What's with the weather in NE? Not sure I'd ever want to live there but then again it's 106 today. Yuck. Too hot to spend it outdoors...okay-you win!

Brittany's Corner said...

glad to see everyone is getting their recipe cards....I get mine tomorrow. I can't believe how cold it is where you are....Tx is always sooooo hot. I would like to live where it is cooler when Mikey retires. Being stationed in Va isn't too bad. Weather is kinda nice there!!

~Mel said...

You must have had a ramble type of day, you posted it twice!

And had I lived closer, I definitely would have driven home to see if they arrived. I actually brought mine into work to show people how talented you all are!

Christy, it's 55*-60*. Not warm at all for June. And to make it worse - we're getting hit with rain storm after rain storm. Flooding. It's very depressing.