Monday, June 26, 2006

Vote for Jessica

So my friend Jessica has this contest she's in. Below is her message. The gist of it is, go here and vote for her. You can vote once a day. Since it essentially becomes a popularity contest with everyone getting their friends together to vote for them, it seems they are a little low in the numbers. So please check it out and vote.

Hey again,

Here is more info- on how to vote for our scene!! We are doing well (cross your fingers) can vote once a day- so if you have the time- it would be great! Click on the link below...Vote again or vote for the first time- your support is so appreciated!!! Thanks!!! Forward to your friends if you think they would help us out...

All the best, Jessica

Apologies if you receive this twice, but some replies said they couldn't view the video; free QuickTime updater link now below.

Some also asked how voting works: note that you can vote ONCE PER DAY! So if you check back the next day, your own "Rate:" will appear blank until you vote again that day, meaning individual votes aren't saved between days, only the total. When you vote:

* You'll see your vote (5 stars :-) or whatever) listed directly under "Rate:"
* You'll see our total score listed directly under "Current Rating:"

Sure, we're in it for the art, but the reality of vote-as-much-as-you-like competitions like this is that it becomes a pure numbers game... for instance, current high-rankers have over 600 votes each (we're currently at ~167). 'course additional daily votes are optional, but definitely appreciated!


Vote today (or even once per day)!

Here's that short scene we produced & shot last week for the contest. Fast and Indie, but def fun going for our own style. Don't forget to give it a quick vote & forward to friends/family/co-workers.

As part of the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Casting-Call Contest, we did our own take on a 2-minute scene from the movie-- with your help, writer/director Shane Black will review the 20 videos with the most votes and select a winner based on the entry's creativity and style. The prize? A trip for two to Hollywood to meet a top casting agent.

Your votes will determine the top twenty finalists, along with the weekly winners, so make sure to check out our clip and give us a vote between June 19 and July 2:

* View & Vote! Scene 2 - Apology Scene at
Credits: Director - Peter Kelley; DP - Peter Kelley; Editor - Peter Kelley; Harry - Kris Van Nest; Harmony - Jessica Myhr
* Can't see it? Get QuickTime player update at
If you get a notice like "...components of Quicktime were needed and not available for download...," get this FREE QuickTime update.

Remember, every vote counts! This is looking like an American-idle style contest, where an unexpected entry can win because they had a larger friends/family network to vote for them. So make sure you throw us a vote and forward this to your friends/family/co-workers, too-- only takes 2 minutes to check out!

Kris Van Nest
Jessica Myhr

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Brittany's Corner said...

okay I voted for it.....good luck to jessica!!!