Friday, October 27, 2006

A creative start to the evening...

Whipped this together as a door decoration. Thanks Christy for sending it to me! Now IMing with Mel. Have to discuss her exciting baby news.


~Mel said...

This is super cute, not at all scary like the stuff I saw in Spencer's today. What did you make the pumpkin out of?

And I have that same paper - Love it!!

Chris said...

It's a MM chipboard covered in CI paper (I think) with MM ribbons, confetti and words. On the stem is a clip from Around the Block. And then it doesn't really show, but I've got a purple MM clip (with a star cutout) at the top of the raffia holding it to the door. There's another whole in the back of the clip and a screw goes through that hole into the door. And the clip kind of covers the screw.
I'm thinking it may need some kind of glitter/shimmer though.