Saturday, October 28, 2006

Three little pumpkins

Three little pumpkins. Still have the one large one to make. And in case you're interested, the pumpkin frame can be purchased at Michael's. $3 for the small, and $7 something for the large.

I'm wishing I had found some smaller flowers since these seem to overwhelm the pumpkins, but it's raining here and I don't feel like going out again.


Christine R said...

These are awesome Chris!
It makes me want to make the fourty mile drive to hit Michaels! Good luck with your sale..I imagine you'll be sold out within minutes of the public coming in! How could anyone pass those up?

Brittany's Corner said...

they look great did an awesome job. good luck on the sale!

cheryl mezzetti said...

Chris the small one is an apple. When i showed you my class using these i didn't realize then that this one was not a pumpkin. I taught the large one but made a small one.

cheryl mezzetti