Thursday, October 26, 2006

One more closer to being "caught up"

I love my scrap list at the moment!
  • Cats (1 page)
  • Cow Parade- July 9th and 16th (2 pages)
  • CKU- Aug 24th – 26th
  • Great Glass Pumpkin- Sep 29th/30th (1 page)
  • Birthday Extravaganza- Oct. 8th (1 page)
  • Mt. Monadnock- Oct. 14th (1 page)
This makes me so happy. 5 layouts plus however many CKU will be, which is at least 3 pages (a 1 pager and a 2 pager) and hopefully not much more than that.

However, I still have plenty of other projects to work on right now. I'm doing a craft fair on Nov. 18th (my birthday) so have been getting things to work on for that. Now I just need to stop buying supplies and start making things! I have a couple more ideas of things I'd like to make, but need to make what I've got so far before I start buying things for other projects.

I'm making a few of these (1 large as shown and 3 small)- from, I've got 9 chipboard accordion albums to make (all 8x8 size), and chipboard shapes that Christy was kind enough to pick up for me. I also have leftovers of other items from previous sales (card sets, individual cards, decorated notepads). I want to make some hurricanes, votives, possibly altered clocks like from Creative Escape... I think almost every day I think of something else I want to make. Which is why I need to make what I've got first.

Anyway, that's my update for now. I realize it's been a while since I've posted.


Christine R said...

On the layouts-wow-congrats for getting so much done..very nice!

on the link to altered art another wow. She is good!

So your setting up a booth at a craft fair and selling your stuff? Sounds like so much fun...will you have a make and take?

Chris said...

Hadn't planned on a M&T. It's a nice idea, but a level of organization I'm not up for. Plus, this is a smallish, low-key fair at church.

Chris is also going to be selling some stuff. He's making wood puzzles. I'll be sure to post some more pictures once he makes some more.

~Mel said...

Wow - I'm very impressed at how caught up you are! Now I need to get on the motivation train you are on.

How much stuff are you planning to have at the Craft Fair??

Chris said...

How much stuff I have depends on how much I can get done in the next three weeks. I still have a decent amount of cards left from other fairs/parties, so really just focusing on the new stuff I mentioned- the pumpkins, accordions, chipboard shapes and then if time allows, votives, hurricanes, and clocks.

Oh, and part of me wants to bring an album along so that if any of the CM scrappers at church admire things (and there will be a CM table) I can show it to them. So I think I want to bring my 2006 album, which is some of the motivation to get "caught up".