Monday, October 02, 2006

A nice fall weekend

Friday evening Chris and I went into Cambridge to check out the Great Glass Pumpkin at MIT. Friday evening they were having a showing of all of the pumpkins that would be on sale on Saturday. The show ran from 5-7 and Chris was getting really annoyed with me as we were driving in and it was getting closer and closer to 7:00. By the time we found parking it was just about 7. (Later we realized it was a permit only spot. Good thing we didn’t get ticketed!) Luckily they were really in no hurry to kick people out. So we had a chance to look at all the pumpkins, get a sense of some that we liked, marvel at the uniqueness of some of them, etc.

After checking out the pumpkins we headed to Bugaboo for Chris’ birthday dinner. And of course I had to embarrass him by having the servers all come out singing with the big moose puppet.

Saturday we got up bright and early and headed back to MIT for the pumpkin sale. The sale was at 10:00 (we got there at 9) and if you arrived before 9:20 you would get a ticket to save your place in line so that you could go get coffee, etc. So we got our ticket, went to Dunkin’ Donuts and then walked around the perimeter of the patch trying to see some pumpkins to try to get. Around 9:30 they started to get all of us with tickets organized. Having arrived an hour early, there were about 200 people in front of us. Eek! Supposedly people start showing up 3 hours early for this thing. Once they start letting people in, it’s pretty much a free for all. The signs say no hoarding, but people ignore them. You pretty much grab a bunch (or at least a bunch in your price range) and then start deciding which you want to keep. And in about 5-10 minutes almost all of the pumpkins have been grabbed up. We really lucked out and actually got the ones that we had seen while walking the perimeter. We knew exactly where that pile of pumpkins was, so Chris walked straight towards it. I made a slight detour towards another one that had caught my eye (in case the first one had already been taken) and then I met up with Chris. We walked around a bit more looking for some more options, and I think we did find another one that we liked. In the end we got two for ourselves and one for Liz for Christmas.

The rest of Saturday was spent running errands. I stopped at the LSS and picked up some of the new Karen Russell Fontwerks stamps- my first red rubber unmounteds. After using clear acrylics lately it was a bit of a switch to go back to red stamps.

Sunday was raining, so I spent most of the day being a bum watching TV. I had hoped that this weekend was going to be productive scrapping wise, but I only got one layout done. It’s posted over at 2Peas. I did manage to spend some time cleaning my scrap table though, and that was definitely needed!


Christine R said...

love the layout! especially the part holding the title..i want that!

secondly, the glass pumpkins rock! i love all things hand blown and those were just gorgeous. good for you guys! everything looks great!

Brittany's Corner said...

love the pumpkins.....such a great thing to get. sounds like a wild time at the place where you got them!!!! i will be going to two peas to check out the layout....i bet it is wonderful!!!

~Mel said...

Wow - holy pumpkins Charlie Brown!

Did I miss the picture of the ones you picked up for yourselves?

Chris said...

In the pic of us, we're holding 4 pumpkins. We bought two of those for us, 1 for Liz, and gave the 4th to a guy standing in line behind us. I'll try to post a better pic later of all of our pumpkins. Need to get a few more items to complete my fall/halloween display and then I'll take pictures.