Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Happy Birthday Chris!

So today is Chris' Birthday. When he got home from work I had the gifts all laid out. Two from his parents, a card from my mom, and a gift from me. I think he was a little upset at first because he could tell which one was from me, and it wasn't anything from his wish list.

After dinner (and watching an episode of CSI Miami, our latest Netflix addiction) we had cake. Unfortunately the number 8 candle just didn't want to stay lit.

Finally I let him open his presents. First he opened the ones from his parents. Two models that he had asked for. Then he opened mine- a box of cash! He's been wanting to get a scroll saw, and since I am not qualified enough to pick out a scroll saw, I figured cash was safer. It was a mix of $5s and $1s, and one $2 bill. I actually had a fun time going to the bank and trying to figure out how mean I wanted to be. All ones? All fives? I think the combo of bills worked well, and he admits that he likes the gift.


Christine R said...

How sweet! Happy Birthday Chris...your still so young. I'm so old.

Chris said...

You're not old. You're just oldER. Age is just a state of mind.

Christine R said...

did i tell you i'm half way to 70 in a few weeks?

Brittany's Corner said...

Clever gift!!! i will need to remember that the next time my dh wants a power tool!

happy b-day to chris

Vanessa B. said...

Love the cash idea - way more fun than just a gift card! Oooohhhhh -half way to 70. Sheesh. Time to get out my walker. (: