Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Fun Game!

And when you've given up, the answers are on this site.

Chris and I were able to get about half of them.


Christine R said...

your good. i only got 10 but i don't watch scary movies but these are the ones i got:
texas chainsaw masacre
the hills have eyes
house of wax
the fly
silence of the lambs
pumpkin head
the birds
i noticed the answers the website has given well some of my answers
don't match?

Brittany's Corner said...

i am not good at titles, but it looked like something my hubby would like. i am also not a fan of scary movies!!! i run to the other room when i get scared or i find something else to do or i all of a sudden need to potty!! LOL.....thanks for the game

Chris said...

We're nto scary movie fans either, so I was kind of surprised that we did as well as we did. And when I looked at the answers, there were a bunch I had never heard of.

Chrsty- there were two separate posts with answers. Did you see both of them or just one? Maybe that's why you didn't see your answers.

Christine R said...

no i just saw the one-thanks for clarifying! leave it to me not to read on far in my address book! lol.