Monday, September 04, 2006

How was your weekend?

I was hoping my weekend would have been a bit more productive than it ws, but I guess I got a fair amount of stuff done. Ran a bunch of errands on Saturday including going to two LSS and picking up my prize/donation/entry (what's the right word?) for the Survivor contest. Also picked up yet another QK die (but not the one I was really looking for). Sunday I made my pages for the August recipe swap. And over the whole weekend (why it ended up taking so long for what's a simple LO, I don't know) I finished up Rachel's page for the photo swap.

I also managed to convince Chris to buy me a Quickutz font from eBay as a birthday present. I'll have to wait until November to actually play with it, but I'm ok with that. At least now I won't stress about watching auctions for it. Only one more discontinued die that I REALLY want. And three other "rare" British dies, but those all seem fairly available, so no need to rush and buy them.

Was hoping to get some cleaning done, but not so much. Was doing that on Sunday while doing other things. (Cleaning always takes me forever because I get distracted with other things as I go from room to room.) Anyway, on Sunday after all I had done was clean the toilet and sweep the bathroom floor, Chris came home. After not seeing him for a week I decided to pass on cleaning.

And in garden news, all the rain this past weekend combined with my tomatoes having outgrown their cages by quite a bit, they became really weighed down and we ended up having to cut down one of my plants. It ended up bending the cage over so that the plant was almost completely horizontal. There was no way we could get it supported upright, so we cut off all the little green tomatoes and hopefully they will ripen inside.


Christine R said...

Sounds like a productive weekend!
A little scrap shopping, ebaying, a little cleaning, reunion with hubby...does it get any better? Have a great one and does yours cave on the holding onto gifts for later..mine can never wait to give me something!

Chris said...

No, no caving from Chris. I won't be getting that font until November 18th.

~Mel said...

I was going to say "wow, pretty early for a birthday gift" but I've done that in the past as well.

And yes Boy Chris holds true to saving the gifts til the actual birthday! I've seen it.