Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Made this LO for my church. A lot of the ladies there are CM scrappers, so it will be interesting to see/hear what they think of this.

The associate pastor who works with the youth group is really good about taking pictures of events and then he makes an 8.5x11 collage of them and labels the event. That's a good start, but my problem with it is that often the pictures are too small to tell what's going on, and he never labels the people. However, that is an improvement over what used to be done with event pictures.- They would be stuck on a bulletin board and then taken down after a couple of months. Sometimes they were then put in a magnetic album, but not always. I bet there's a bag somewhere full of old photos!

So to try to improve the photo situation, I made this LO. I made it to fit in a CM album (slightly narrower), so hopefully someone will think to add it to an existing album or start a new one for the youth group.


Christine R said...

Wow! Love all the stitching! It's a great layout! It's iffy on what a CM scrapper will think. I think they will love it. Not to mention what a great gift and one that will make them feel the need to step up their game on recording the memories built within the church.

Michelle said...

It's great! How nice of you to do this.

I don't really know anything about CM scrappers but they're crazy if they don't like it ;)

Brittany's Corner said...

love the layout.....great job!!! hopefully your album will take off and they will do this from now on....everyone good participate!!! wonderful memories for your church!!!