Thursday, September 07, 2006

Got Chris' birthday page done and now I'm done with September! Have a few from October and my birthday trip to NYC to scrap, and then I'll finally be done with 2005. And then I need to do some serious work on 2006. Ugh. I've never been this far behind before. Oh well. Slowly but surely I'll catch up. I'm going to an all day crop in a week and I hope to get a bunch done there. And then the next day I'm scrapping with Linda, so I'll get even more done then.

Christy- what's the word on the cookie swap? Did you get enough interest? I really don't *need* another project, but I like baking and I like cookies, so...

Have a good weekend y'all. I'll be hanging out with 600 teenagers!

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Christine R said...

Love the page and can't believe how caught up you are...I know I'll never be. I posted about the cookie this the same Linda with our recipe group? Is she doing hers this month? Have fun at your crop and congrats on being caught up-kinda!