Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Fall/Party decorations

Took these photos on Sunday during the birthday festivities.

In the first one you can see our collection of glass pumpkins. The flat purple one we got the first year. We went late in the day and there were very few left at that point. The green gourd we got last year, and then the other two were this year's acquisitions. Also got one for Liz that had been out, but we had to hide it while Liz was over. Liz's is clear with a plain green stem, smaller than our clear one. And she did comment that she liked our clear pumpkin, so maybe we picked a good one for her.

We actually only finally got around to hanging the mirror over the mantle on Sunday. Chris had tried it when we first moved in, but it's only a layer of sheet rock over the brick chimney and what he was using woudln't go into the brick. So I suggested using something different to hang it. Only problem is that now the picture hangers show. I'll have to think of something to drape over the mirror to hide the hangers.

And finally, we have the table setting. The cats now are jumping on the table during the night and trying to eat the flowers, or at least the wheat stalks sticking out. I keep finding plant matter on the table in the morning. And the flower arrangement in the background, I think I need to change out those flowers. They're a bit too springy. Oh well. I think my decorating happens in baby steps.


Christine R said...

Everything looks great Chris!

Brittany's Corner said...

i think it all looks wonderful!!!!

~Mel said...

I think it looks quite fall - and I like the new pumpkin additions!!

I read this the other day and thought I already left my comment... hmmm.