Thursday, October 05, 2006

I had been planning to work on more pages for my dad or on some birthday cards, but instead I put this page together. Chris has a haircut tomorrow, and the gals at the palce where he gets his hair cut scrap and he's been wanting to show them some of my stuff. and he's told them about our Derby, so he wanted to bring them in Derby pictures. So, I figured I should probably get this page finished.

And in other news, Andrew has a flight home! He'll be back in Massachusetts on Sunday evening. We had been hoping to have a homecoming/birthday party on Sunday afternoon, and then we realized that with timing it probably woudl need to be postponed two weeks, and now we're back to wondering if it can happen on Sunday or not. Hopefully by tomorrow we'll know for sure what's happening.


~Mel said...

Wait - I'm confused. How can the homecoming party happen Sunday afternoon if his flight is not until Sunday night???

Does that make sense or do I just have pregnant brain?

Christine R said...

love the layout...that's so cool that he is going to share your pages with fellow scrappers! love it!

Chris said...

He arrives 5:06 pm on Sunday so we're thinking the party would be at 6:30 or so.

~Mel said...

to get technical, 6:30 is no longer the afternoon.

... :)

Brittany's Corner said... make me laugh!!! and yes you are right about it not being the afternoon anymore! the derby layout...such a great sport!!!! love it, love it, love it!

Chris said...

The original plan had been for an afternoon party. The ammended plan is for an evening party. I just didn't specify the new timing in my original post.

Damn you for being so technical!