Monday, October 09, 2006

Happy Columbus Day!

In honor of this fine holiday, I now give you a song written by my friend Steve. The thing about this song that always amuses me though, is the fact that he wrote it in the middle of the summer. He was at work one night and was inspired. So, with no further ado, I present you with Steve's song.

Many hundreds of years have gone,
Since those three large ships sailed on,
The deep blue sea which carried he,
Who founded this untamed country!

Oh, Chris Columbus,
He didn't need no compass,
He sailed those ships,
On through the mists,
To find this land,
Where we now stand.
Hooray, for Chris Columbus!

Some people say he lost his way,
While sailing out from port that day,
It's true that China was his goal,
Until he found this rocky shoal!

(Repeat Chorus)

Perhaps it loses something if you don't know the tune, but every year I always think to myself, "oh Chris Columbus, he didn't need no compass". And there the thought ends because that's the only line I ever remember.

Hope you're having a great day.

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Christine R said...

and my kids didn't even get the day off today-bummer!

nice song!