Wednesday, November 15, 2006

All CKU locations finally announced

  • CKU-Detroit: April 19-21, 2007
  • CKU-Anaheim: June 14-16, 2007
  • CKU-Nashville: August 23-25, 2007
  • CKU-Orlando: October 11-13, 2007

  • Is it just me or does it feel somewhat anti-climactic? Do I want to go to CKU, Creative Escape, nothing? Orlando in October could be fun though! That's the end of Clumbus Day week, so I could always take the beginning of the week off and hit Disney for a couple of days.

    What do other people think? I'm pretty flexible and would go with the majority decision to be with friends. :)


    Christine R said...

    it does seem anti-climatic..i was looking for clique tv the other day and saw that they had posted it. i think now that we've been to a few CKU's we should hit Creative is rather expensive but if we do four to a room? it does come with meals so that's a bonus. I think if the we can do it we should but will say that hitting Orlando for Disney crossed my mind to take an extended vacation with all of our families. Never been to Arizona tho'!

    ~Mel said...

    I may have to be out next year ... afterall I will have something special to play with.

    So I was a bit excited that none of the cities or time were appealing to me...

    Chris said...

    Yeah, I kind of figured you would be out Mel.

    Christy- I'm definitely open to Creative Escape. Yes it's more expensive, but it does include more perks.