Saturday, November 11, 2006

Three posts in one day!

Started this a week or two ago and finally got around to finishing it up. It's for an 8 x 8 accordion chipboard album. The page with the flower- the scan didn't work so well. It's a striped paper on top with storks on the bottom and velvet stickers next to the flower that say "heaven sent".

I'll try to get a photograph of it later which will show it a little better.

I think I'm going to include some precut mats and journaling blocks to go with it. I was hoping to find a stamp with lines for the journaling blocks, but none of the local (and not so local) stores have any. I think I may just use my Karen Russell Fontwerks stamps instead. I have three different ones- square swirly, round swirly, and brackets. Yeah, I know, great descriptions!


Brittany's Corner said...

love it! you are busy!!!! the new hair....and yes, the color is totally different

Christine R said...

very nice!!