Monday, November 27, 2006

Thanksgiving review

This photo shows an interesting Thanksgiving tradition of ours. Actually, I’m not sure if we have it every year, but I know it is served every other year- when we celebrate at my Aunt and Uncle’s house. Besides the typical apple cider, everyone is served a glass of tomato juice. Anyway, this was shortly before we all sat down. This is a table for 26 people!

The group shot was taken after 3 people left (they had other gatherings to go to) and my cousin’s boyfriend took the picture. But it has most of us! And looking at everyone there definitely are some family resemblances.

And finally, here are some birthday scrap supplies. Mel had given me a gift card, so here’s what I bought- 35 sheets of Bazzill (crazy low on green and grey), some fall patterned papers, some clearance QuicKutz dies (the store is no longer going to carry them) and I also got some Heidi Swapp journaling spots which I forgot to include in the picture. The store had everything 20% off over the weekend which allowed me to get much more bang for my buck. Thanks again, Mel!


Brittany's Corner said...

ahhhhh, so sweet of mel. great job on your purchases!

why tomato juice? the table picture is awesome, and wow what a big family!! glad you had a good time!

Chris said...

Honestly, I have no idea why tomato juice. Just something that my aunt always includes on her Thanksgiving table.

Brittany's Corner said...

that is an odd, but a rememberable, tradition! I don't like tomato juice, but love me some apple cider!! I think the RED juice looks great on the green table...maybe that's why! LOL ;)thanks for answering my silly question.

Christine R said...

Awesome job on the shopping!! Also you look so nice in your green sweater! Looks like a great time and I have the same table cloth as your aunt! I think you should ask her about the tomato must mean something to her or is it tradition passed down from great great grandmothers...I want to know!

Chris said...

I just called and asked my mum- they always had the tomato juice on Thanksgiving as well. She's not sure if it started with her grandmother or her aunt. But it was always there. Kind of as an appetizer. They would have that while my Uncle Thornton would carve the turkey and then they would drink cider with their meal.

I find it interesting though, that even though people are from the same family, my aunt serves the tomato juice, but when we have T-day at another relative's house (they alternate years) it isn't served. I also commented to my mom that although the site of tomato juice on a Thanksgiving table isn't foreign to me, if I were to host it certainly would not be something that I would think to include.

~Mel said...

Uncle Thornton was the one with the house right? I really do love the picture of the table. I can't believe your aunt has a table big enough for 26 people. I don't think I could do a sit down dinner for 26 people at my house!

And look at all your goodies - I'm glad you could get more than expected! I know it'll all go to good use!