Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thursday update

* The heat is back to normal. But I really hate our boiler!
* I've been at an offsite meeting with work for two days. Really dislike the long hours. Glad it's over.
* Scrapped my halloween pictures last night, but the scanner is having some issues, so will post that later.
* Feeling slightly overwhelmed at work. Too much to schedule for my boss when her calendar is packed!
* Looking forward to the weekend, but have too much to do. Hopefully it will be nice and productive.

Hope you all are having a happy Thursday!


~Mel said...

Thank god you have heat again - I think that would be my biggest complaint! I don't do well with cold

Christine R said...

don't you hate extremely busy weeks? I know I do!!

Brittany's Corner said...

thanks for the update.....sounds like you are BUSY!!!!