Thursday, November 02, 2006

Happy Thursday.

First of all, CSI. Anyone watch it? Ok, so I love Alan Tudyk. Got his autograph last year when I went to see Spamalot. So he was on CSI tonight. As a pedophile. Chris and I were so upset to see him playing such a bad character. The whole time we were hoping that he didn't do it. :(

Secondly, thanks for all the pricing advice. Once he gets a couple more things finished I'll be posting for some more procing suggestions.

Thirdly, got a photo order today so was able to play! Finished up my garden journal for this season. (A way for me to remember what I planted where, what did well, what didn't, progress, etc.) Also through this LO together. It's the second half of an upcoming Becky sketch. It goes with the page I posted last week (weekend?) of Chris' birthday. Not sure if they'll like the sketch being used as two separate layouts, but that's how it worked out for my album.


Christine R said...

i don't watch CSI but I'm happy there was someone on it that you liked. The layout is great as usual!

Brittany's Corner said...

i tevo it....plan to watch it this morning once the kiddos are off to school!!!

LOVE THE did a great job on it. i think becky would not mind how you did her sketch..she is happy we do them, lol.

Michelle said...

I did watch CSI last night, so good!!! What is up with Grissom? I hear that William Petersen is taking a break from the show for a while :(

Great layout, I loooove those glass pumpkins. So unique.

Tami said...

thanks for all your help with my email problems. i wrote about it on my blog. censorship if you have ask.