Thursday, January 11, 2007

Busy January!

January and February are usually very quiet months for me. However, this year, I feel like I have a lot of stuff going on! Every single weekend this month I have something happening, and I already have a Feb. date scehduled.

Last weekend- scrapped with Mel on Saturday. Well, some scrapping (she was much more productive than I was) and lots of talking. We hadn't seen each other since September!

This weekend- running a million errands on Saturday. Need to finish my Christmas shopping, grocery shopping, and a few other stops. On Sunday I have to go to NJ to celebrate my final Christmas of the season. We usually end up getting together in January just because our schedules are too hectic. This year though I really don't want to go. Andrew's not going and he doesn't have a good excuse. But I'm the good kid, so I get to drive my mom. Blech.

Next weekend- might go to an all day crop on Saturday at one of the LSS semi in the area. And then on Sunday we're celebrating Liz and Hanna's birthdays at my place.

Final weekend in Jan- Sat I have a hair appointment and I bet I'll be running lots of other errands and Sunday is Mel's shower.

Ugh. So much going on. My summer's are usually this packed with various things, but not January. Looking forward to a day where I have nothing to do.


~Mel said...

I am so there with you! And after this morning, I have 3, potentially 4, things scheduled already for February. And that doesn't include my birthday or Valentine's day (of which we always keep that low key).

But good news, carpet people are coming Saturday to measure the room & give us a quote

~Mel said...

btw, I enjoyed our scrapping date as I still can't believe it was September the last time we saw each other. That feels odd.

Tami said...

but you get to see me in january!!!!!! haha, i bet you can't wait.

Christine said...

That does seem like a long time when you say it but to me it feels like you just got together! These months have been flying by! Busy, busy!

The Hallman Tribe said...

I figured something was up because you haven't been around much lately. sorry it is sooooo jam packed for you this month....maybe feb will be a lighter load for you!!! Glad you posted something!!!!

Chris said...

Tami- Feb, not Jan. :)

Hopefully I'll soon feel less overwhelmed and will be blogging more. Well, I don't really have that much going on that is blog-worthy, so perhaps things will be quiet for a while on the blog-front.