Sunday, January 14, 2007

Friday Night Bowling

On Friday night Chris and I went bowling with one of his co-workers and his girlfriend. Not sure why the bowling alley was open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Who goes bowling at 4 am?

Anyway, here you can see our scores from the three games. (This was candlepin, which may or may not account for our insanely low scores.) I almost won the third game. What was interesting was that I was routinely getting to throw a fourth ball, but it didn't seem to help my scores that much. For some reason it wasn't registering a number of the balls, generally if you bowled them too close together or perhaps too lightly? Anyway, I gladly took my "bonus" balls since my scores were so pitifull. I think next time we're going to play big-ball to see if we can get better scores.


Anonymous said...

My kids still remember the time we played candlepin, they were like four, and ask whenever we're in a new state if that was the state that had the candlepin. It's hard bowling candlepin but alot of fun!

~Mel said...

I love bowling candlepin. I know the bigger the balls, the better the bowler, but I suck with the big balls. They do havoc on my shoulder.

The important thing is that you had fun.

How was the busy weekend?

Andrew said...

"Big-ball" is called tenpin.