Friday, January 12, 2007

Creative Escape

Does anyone else find it odd that Creative Escape registration opens on February 3rd and there's no info yet on the website? I would think at least cost information would be posted. Oh, and then there's the issue of why do we need to register in early February when the event won't happen until September? 7 months early is a bit ridiculous!

Part of me wants to go, and part of me wants to take a break from events this year. And part of me is still considering CKU Nashville or Orlando. Ugh.

What are other people thinking about?


Tami said...

i was JUST thinking of this today. I am not going, too much money and I wouldn't leave my kids to scrap book, maybe when they are older. I do think the timing is very, very strange but i'm sure they have their reasons.

Chris said...

I kind of figured you wouldn't be up for going due to the age of the kids. I think what annoys me the most is the registering 7 months ahead of time. They probably want to make sure they have enough attendees before they pour a lot of product into the event. But if registration truly is in about 3 weeks, there should be more information available.

Christine said...

Yes! Tricia and I were talking about this over the weekend. We're going. Do we like the idea of paying in February, heck no! Plus Shane is having surgery and luckily for us Dev will have her permit. But seeing as in two months will be a year since I've gone anywhere and by the time September comes, I tell myself it will be almost two years, I'm justifying the costs. And I'm not in Virginia so I'm not doing the Great American and saving money there. But I know three for sures, you and Vanessa is a maybe. I just think they've stepped it up over the CKUs and we should try it out and we get food with it. I thought it was 545 dollars tho'. I know last year they did not sell out right away but this year they are buzzing....seems like we don't hear anything about CKU anymore. I really, really, really want you to go!! Hopefully soon we'll see something. I do like that we can fly Southwest so it'll be cheaper, but I'm just trying to make it look sweeter for you! Tami...maybe one day!

Vanessa B. said...

I'm still a maybe. I'm definitely more interested in CE than in CKU but I have school issue with Sept. As in Spence will be starting a brand new school at the beginning of Sept. I still need to check all of the potential schools he'll be going to to see how the timing would work. I'll keep you posted! Sometimes I feel like I could do with a break from it this year and then I think I must be crazy!