Friday, January 12, 2007

Tami- what do you think?

I'd like to try to fix the color difference between the two pics, but I'm not sure the best way to go about that. May need to call my brother for some advice. But this was a quick attempt. Actually, this is a second attempt. Like this much better than the first.

This is just a low-resolution image, so if you're happy with it, let me know and I'll send as is, but otherwise I'll try to play with it a bit to get rid of the line down the middle.

And I haven't done anything with banners, so I don't know what I would need to know to make it into a banner for you, but I can try to find out if you want.


I just played around with borders a bit and did this. Like/not like? Don't worry about hurting my feelings if you don't like it. This is really my first time playing around with this kind of thing. I tried pulling some of the colors of the border out of their clothes.


Tami said...

PERFECT! thank you. i really need to learn how to do this-was it easy to do? thanks.

Chris said...

Relatively easy, but I don't think I could try to explain what I did to anyone.

I'm taking the BPS "Brushworks" class right now, and I think that kind of helped me know what to do for a couple of things- especially the edges on the second picture.

I'll try to play with it a bit more to get the color transition a bit better and then I'll send you a high resolution version.

Christine said...

Katie, a bloggin' babe, is into the digital stuff and she links a digital photography thing on her blog. Maybe it will help you guys. I'm at a loss for all that stuff but it looks great what you've done Chris!