Monday, January 29, 2007

Mel's baby album

I want to let Mel tell the story of her shower, but since some of you have been asking, she loved her album, as did all of the other guests who looked at it. So I'll tell the album story and she can talk more about the shower in general as well as post more pictures.

It was kind of funny because Dan had arrived when Mel was about 1/2 way through oppening presents. Her sister Alyson had just handed them the album to open when Mel decided she needed a bathroom break and that Dan could open with out her. Um, no. I told her she probably wanted to stay for this one.

So Dan opens the card, reads it, and then hands it to Mel who then reads all the names. To me: "You got Sharon to help?" and then to Sharon: "Is this why you asked for Chris' email address?"

So Dan opens up the package and sees the album which had an "A" on the cover. I think at first he thought it was just an album and then he realizes that there are pages inside it. So of course he very quickly flips through the pages as Mel tries to get him to slow down. I think in the end she just took it away from him so she could look through a bit more. Then, instead of putting it on the pile of other gifts that were opened it was set aside so that people could look at it.

After she was done opening presents many people came over and looked through it and everyone commented on how nice it was. So thank you to everyone who helped make this incredible album. If you'd like to see all of it, I posted it up on my website. You can see it here.


Anonymous said...

no,,,,,, thanks for allowing me to contribute to this wonderful album. i was very touched that you included me. Glad Mel liked the album....all the pages are wonderful!!!! GREAT JOB! ~brittany

Tracy said...

I know I made a month but, I think it was truely a great gift. I'm sure Mel was grateful that you thought and organized this amazing keepsake!

Now more details! Where was the shower, did she cry, what were the favors (if any), keep it coming!!!

~Mel said...

I do truly love the album - and it's a talk of my work and my mom's work 2 days later.

You all did a wonderful job! I'm in the process of typing up all the wonderful details of the day - stay tuned!