Monday, January 22, 2007

"Happy To You"

Darlene lived with a family one summer who had a 3-year-old. And she had a toy birthday cake with candles that could be "blown out". And she would always sing "happy to you" when playing with that cake.

And then one day Darlene and Steve baked a "cake" and they called it the Happy To You, Penguin Crunch Surprise Cake, Eh?

No idea why I suddenly thought of that, but "Happy to you" sprung into my head as I was thinking of a title for this post.

No, we don't have really old family members. However, we did have Liz turning 51 and Hanna turning 12. Might as well share a candle. Besides, we only have one of each number.

Hope you all had a fun weekend!


The Hallman Tribe said...

very smart way to do both their ages on the same cake. i love the photo......happy to you!!!!

Christine said...

very nice play with numbers! Umm what's a penguin crunch cake and is it share! happy birthday to your loved ones!

Chris said...

Not really sure what a Penguin Crunch Surprise Cake is. I think it involved Captain Crunch, but luckily I was not there to have to sample it. Just heard tell of it after the fact.

~Mel said...

I always love to see what you do each year with the Numbers Birthday!

I love the candles - could you imagine if you tried to put 63 candles on a cake for both of them?

Smokey much?

Tami said...

i didn't get the whole number thing, my brain sees numbers and tries to hide but i get it now. when is your birthday? i'm oct. 7th

Chris said...

Tami- I'm November 18th. And if you are confused by numbers, I could confuse you even more. :)

If held on the correct dates, this woudl have been the 8-9-0-1-2-3 Party. Those numbers represent the last digit in each participant's age on the day of the party.
28- Boy Chris
29- Me
50- Liz
31- Andrew
12- Hanna
63- Dad
The trick is that the party has to be held after Hanna's birthday and before Liz's, so typically we try to hold the party during that time. Hwoever, with only a little over a week scheduling is tough. We've managed in the past, but this was the first year we had to have the party early so the numbers didn't work.

darlene said...

Ok, I'll try to explain...

We wanted to make a cake, but didn't want to make an ordinary cake. We wanted to supplement it. There was a cereal at Wegman's that we always made fun of called Penguin Crunch. We decided to buy some and put it in the cake batter. We also decorated the top with cream cheese frosting and junior mints and star sprinkles and possibly those metal balls (do they even still make those?). We wrote Happy to You on it. I don't remember if it really even was for someone's birthday or not.
However, the Penguin Crunch did not stay crunchy, so it was kind of disappointing.