Monday, August 21, 2006

Awesome mail day!

Here's a rundown of what was in our mail today. Except for the last bullet point, it was an all around good mail day!

  • Kit that I won from Christy. - I can't wait until I actually have some time to play with this. Those jeweled frame things look really cute!
  • Package from Andrew. - Ok, this one isn't really all that exciting. He mails me things of his from the trail so that I can hang onto them for him. This one includes what I think is a sleeping bag (I didn't take it out of the box as it has a bit of funk to it.) and a ziploc that I'm sure if opened would really smell of hiker funk! It contained shoe insoles, socks, a bandana, and I think something else. Also a postcard for me, but it was really short, so not that impressive.
  • Order from Shutterfly
  • 2 of my eBay orders. Interestingly, still waiting on the one that I won and paid for first. It supposedly was shipped, so hopefully will arrive soon.
  • Postcard from my aunt.
  • Bill, banlk statement, catalog, assorted junk mail.

1 comment:

Christine R said...

Glad you liked your mail day. Sounds exciting and full of different elements! Enjoy the kit!