Monday, August 07, 2006

Just so you know, I know that there's a tree in your driveway...

Those were the words spoken by our landlord when she called Chris earlier. His response, "what tree?"

If we had been home, Chris wouldn't have a truck. Or it would have been a bit flatter. My car might have had some damage. Hard to tell.

Our poor neighbors- both of their cars are stuck in the driveway. Luckily unharmed, but they can't get out.

My garden? We'll see how bad it gets when the tree gets removed. At the moment it has squished some corn and beans and some herbs. The corn and beans weren't doing so well, so no worries. A branch also grazed the cukes, but I think they'll be mostly ok. For now anyway. When the tree gets removed though, a branch may end up falling on them. Depends how careful they are. And the same thing goes for some herbs, flowers, etc. At least my peppers and tomatoes are safe.

It's also very lucky that the house wasn't hit. Very lucky!


Christine R said...

Lucky indeed! That's scary!
Glad none of your cars or you were there.

Brittany's Corner said... did get lucky. hope the garden is okay after moving the tree!

itsjustshannon said...

Wow...very lucky more damage wasn't done. Did it just fall over or was there a storm?

Chris said...

No storm at all. Just a branch fell on it's own. I think that's what was so weird about it. Freak occurance with seeminly no provocation.