Saturday, August 26, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Back at home. Here's a quick picture of some of the loot that I got. This is all of the goodie bags and prizes that I won, but not all of the supplies from the class kits. I have a bunch of homework to do, so don't want to divide up the kits and then not be able to find anything.

Scrappin' With Fire did not win any prizes. :( Would have been nice, but I'm ok with it. I guess I'm not destined to win any dorm contests.

They did not announce any new CKU locations, but when I had mentioned to Chris that Detroit and Nashville had been announced so far, he said that he would come with me to Nashville. Now I'm trying to ocnvince him to actually attend CKU with me, but I don't think that will happen. He doesn't want to be singled out and have attention drawn to him, and I know that people would single him out. Oh well.

Here's another pic of all of the dorm- this one taken at commencement. (Christy, as you can see, I was a scrappalicious gal today!)

And now for a couple of other pictures...
Amy Totty with Chief CKU. I love tihs picture because you can't really tell that it's a cardboard cutout. Oh, and while I'm thinking of it....
So we were supposed to have smoke coming out of our centerpiece house, but as soon as we turned on the fog machine, the hotel manager came over and made us turn it off. He was afraid that it was going to set off the smoke alarm and then all of us would have to leave. :(

And this picture is of "Wally," the centerpiece that won. It was for the Little Crop of Horrors dorm, who also won for best song.


Christine R said...

Love it all! Love your scrapalicious shirt....I feel like you took a piece of me with you!
I'm sorry you didn't win anything but you've got a good stack of good stuff! Are those the new acrylic paint dobbers? I want to hear all about your classes and the overall feel of Masters. Albums had a different vibe then CKU did so I'm curious about what you thought. No announcements on next year's CKU....stinks. So far we've got a lot in for Nashville next year! Nice!

Chris said...

The new paint daubers are really cool. Used them a few times during the weekend. And there is a yellow one there in with everything else. One person won a prize of all of them. That's a cool prize!

Vanessa B. said...

Look at the loot! Hope you had fun! May I just point out that technically we did win a dorm prize for performing our song. We may have been third, but we did win a prize. I'd be seriously psyched if we could rally in Nashville. I may also have to do Phoenix as my folks live there. Would love to hear more about your CKU "experience" when you have recovered!

Brittany's Corner said...

I am glad you had such a great time. all the pics are the one with you wearing your scrapalicious shirt!!! you and mel are beautiful!