Monday, August 21, 2006

Because it's not like I had nothing else to do tonight...

What I should have been doing instead of making this LO.
  1. Finding pictures to use for my classes, especially Emily's class.
  2. Gathering all of my supplies together.
  3. Cutting out fabric for pink striped Toolbelts (of which I currently only have one "in stock").
  4. Making said pink striped Toolbelts
  5. Um, not sure what, but there are plenty more things I probably should have been doing.
Oh well. I had fun anyway. I was looking through the kit from Christy and looking through the pictures that arrived in the mail, and I was inspired. And it's always fun to play with new supplies. Just means I'll have to do even more work tomorrow night to get ready for CKU.


Christine R said...

love it and so glad to see you scrappin'! Awesome layout!

Chris said...

So after doing the LO, when I probably should have been going to bed, I did stay up and cut out 6 pink Toolbelts. Luckily it didn't take too long. Now tonight I need to start putitng them together.

Vanessa B. said...

Love the layout and hope you have a great time at CKU!

Brittany's Corner said...

what a great lo of you and your man