Thursday, August 31, 2006

Slowly getting in the mood for fall

Challenge accepted! And the best part about this? I got another layout from last year done! I'm just a tiny bit closer to being caught up. (Ha! Caught up? What's that?!)

Pumpkin font is Jack O and journaling is Viner Hand ITC. Patterned Paper square is by Design Originals. And of course, Bazzill cardstock.

So as my title says, I am slowly getting in the mood for fall. Maybe it's the cool weather we've been having lately. Or thinking about the Great Glass Pumpkin Patch coming up at MIT. I love this event. It's on my calendar and I'm planning to get another pumpkin. Slowly my patch will grow. And this year I'm thinking I may go check out the show on Friay just so that I can see all of them. And I'm definitely taking my camera so that I can get some pictures. There are some really neat ones.

This will be our third year attending. The first year we went pretty late in the day and the pumpkins were pretty picked over, especially for those on the lower price side. I ended up getting a purple one that was flat. It had a really cool stem though. Until Tony fell on it.

Then last year I knew that I wanted to get there at the beginning. Chris didn't want to leave too early though because he didn't think there would be a lot of people. We drove past it about 5-10 minutes before the sale opened as we tried to find a place to park. He was very surprised to see a large line of people. We got there a few minutes after opening and realized what we needed to do in the future. Even though the signs say no hording, the key is to bring a box/bag/basket with some packing materials to protect the pumpkins. Rush around and collect as many as you can, or at least those that catch your eye, are in your price range. Then, once you're done collecting, sit down and look through your stash. People will gather around you. As soon as you discard a pumpkin, someone will grab it up. (This is what we were doing last year.)

So, On September 30th, be prepared to see some pictures of pumpkins.


Christine R said...

Love it!

What a great story and the layout is fantastic! It's funny cos I was thinking of pumpkins last night and hitting a patch this year! Great LO!

Brittany's Corner said...

sounds like loads of fun!!!! love the layout!!!!

itsjustshannon said...

Beautiful Layout! I just love fall! Pumpkins are some of my very favorite things!