Saturday, August 19, 2006

I have a problem.

Hi. My name is Chris, and I'm a Quickutz Whore.

This week ordered from eBay:
Apple Mini's

Bidding on:
Oven Mit

Want to bid on (and possibly will in the next 24 hours):
Nativity Set

Would REALLY like in the near future:
OLD Corn on the Cob. (Have the new one already, but not prepared to pay over $60 for the old one, which is the going rate on eBay.)
Tudor Rose
Britannia font. (Almost bid on it this week, but was waiting and then computer malfunctioned. It went for a good price, too.)

So Mel, are you happy now? I've finally admitted that I have a problem.


Christine R said...

Exhibitionist and Quickutz Whore!
Love the titles!

I'm a run-on whore...luckily for me they are cheap!

I don't know if I would consider it a problem maybe change the name to collector!

Terry said...

Now that is funny! Should I make you a new shield? Quickutz Whore?

Brittany's Corner said...

you need a t-shirt that has that on it....too funny. glad you confessed to us you need to work on a 12 step plan to help with this!

Christine R said...

i put run-on whore..i meant RUB-ON..
no not rub-one out..don't have the right equipment!

Chris said...

Terry- I think I'll pass on being the Chief QK Whore. I was calling myself that last Sunday and Tracy really didn't like me calling myself a whore. Oh well.

Christy- I kind of figured you meant rub-on. I'm the queen of typos, so I get pretty good about reading what people really mean.

~Mel said...

Yes, Chris. I'm proud... only in the fact that you can admit it now.

I already knew you were there, it's good that you are finally able to admit it as well.

But hey - if it makes you happy then go for it!! :)

Tracy said...

Maybe we could find something other than whore...

Although Terry's daughter was pimping kisses yesterday for money and foam flowers. I think she may have even got a ten from someone!

Chris said...

In case anyone cares, and I greatly doubt it, I lost my oven mit, but won a tent. Must wait until after CKU to do more bidding. Need to svae my pennies a bit.