Saturday, August 05, 2006

Garden update

My tomatoes are now taller than I am! The corn that I photographed for "knee high by 4th of July?" is now actually knee high, and I also have a stalk that is thigh high.

My cukes are also doing spectacularly. I got 2 plants, and they are climbing all over the trellis. And Chris informed me that I now have gherkins. :) I also have baby peppers. Lettuce- not so good. Although it has gotten huge, should have picked it sooner and it has now gotten bitter. Beans are also producing, but should have planted lots more. 6 plants doesn't produce enough to pick and actually fix for a meal. It's more of a snack amount.


Brittany's Corner said...

love it. those photos are gonna be awesome scrapin' photos!!! You and DH have a green thumb!!!! Way to go!

Christine R said...

nice veggies but i really love the pink crocs your wearing!

Chris said...

Chris HATES the pink Crocs. And I've not painted my fingers and toes to match. And, my Derby car is this color as well.