Monday, August 07, 2006

Derby Preview

More to come later, but just thought I'd start with a picture of all of the cars.

***Edited to say whose is whose***
Cow- Girl Chris Illegal
Red Sox- Mel Illegal
Mel- Mel
Black and Green- Kristin
Pink- Girl Chris
Green w/ washers- Dan
Purple- Mom Tedford's from 2 years ago. Nothing has been able to beat it!
Whittled- Trout
Weiner Mobile- Boy Chris
Black w/ white stripe- Jeff
Home Depot- Rosita
Red w/ bolts taped on- Jeff's illegal rocket car (The bolts were added to keep it from flying off the track)
Arrow- Emily (made in 1 hour)
Pink w/ Flowers- Annaliese (I probably spelled her name wrong)
Logging Truck- Xavier

1 comment:

Christine R said...

lovin' the cars.

so yours is the pink with flowers? mel's is the one that says mel. your brothers the whittled one.
who did the red sox one?

I wish i had done one=(