Wednesday, August 02, 2006


So I try to be a good environmental citizen and recycle. Ok, well I try to recycle if it's not too much of an inconvenience.

When we moved in, I asked the guy who used to live in our apartment about recycling and he commented that yes, there was curbside pickup, but that someone had stolen their bin.

It took me two months, but on Monday I finally stopped by the Highway Department and paid $5 for a recycle bin. Tuesday was pickup day, so I put it out on the street filled with newspapers and a couple of other things (bottles and jars) that we had hanging around.

I came home late from work last night and the trash barrels had already been brought back to behind the house where they are kept. I asked Chris where the recylce bin was and he didn't know. (We figured the neighbors might have moved it. Sometimes our neighbors will bring back all the trash barrels back and sometimes we do. Really just varies on who comes home first.)

So this morning, before I left for work, I checked behind the house where the trash cans live. No recycle bin. SOMEONE TOOK MY BRAND NEW RECYCLE BIN! Why would you take that? I'll ask the neighbors when I get home if they know anything about it.

Part of me almost thinks that they took it, but why would they take it? Why would anyone take it? It even had our address written on it. And I'm really not in a mood to go pay for another bin just so that that one can be taken.

Just needed to vent about this one. I'll try to post an update after I ask the neighbors.


Christine R said...

aren't people nice! love how they help themselves to things...recycle bins, blogs, bikes, gnomes in the yard...vent away!

Chris said...

Ok. Recycle bin located. In the basement. And I didn't even have to confront the neighbors. I guess they figured it would be better to not get rained on? That's the only thing I can think of.

Christine R said...

I wish my neighbors would bring in my trash bins!

Glad you recovered your bin!

Chris said...

Well, they live upstairs from us, so it's not like it's the next door neighbors coming by to help.

kate said...

Label thine recycling bin. It might deter recycling bin liberators and will preventeth confusion should there be more than one.

Brittany's Corner said...

Glad you got you r bin back!!! i would have been venting to if i thought it had gotten stolen a second time!!!

Chris said...

Kate- it was already labeled. That's what was really bothering me when I originally thought it stolen.

Vanessa B. said...

Glad you found your bin. I was getting all riled up and ready to bitch and moan about people but I'm still glad you found your bin. Had my semi-annual teeth cleaning today and thought of you. (: Sorry, can't help it!

~Mel said...

Okay - that's just wrong!! WHY on earth would you steal someone else's bin.

Oh - I should have read your reply first, I see it has been located!