Sunday, July 16, 2006

CKU Rundown

Christy asked what we were planning on doing, so here you go. There are 6 of us in the dorm. I was in the same dorm as one of the other ladies in Boston 2 years ago.

Theme: Fireman

Name: Scrappin' with Fire or Rescue Scrappers

Song: Parody of Our House

Centerpiece: House (one of those kids cardboard deals) that is scrappified. Inside will be dry ice so that the house in "on fire". Barbie outside having just saved her scrapbooks. Also firetruck outside house.

Costume: White t-shirt, balck pants, suspenders made from ribbons, boots that we've decorated with scrap supplies, helmets. On helmets will be "chief" shields and we will each be the chief of something, ie Chief of Primas, Chief of Chatterbox, etc.

Nametag: Our name done in flames, with a mini firehose putting water out on it.

None of these are completely set in stone yet, but all are ideas we've been tossing around. Will also have a cardboard cutout of a fireman that people can have pic taken with.

And in my searching for cheap rubber boots, I found these. I love them. I think we probably won't be using them a) because not everyone wants pink (couchmelcough) and b) they are not available online and none of us live in the South. However, if there's an Academy Sports near you, I'm a size 10. :)


polissilop said...

OT: Hi Chris, just wondered why technorati-search for my own blog leads me to your blog?

Christine R said...

Those ideas sound HOT!

Really they are awesome! There is an academy right down the road from me...Just FYI.. I can't believe Mel doesn't like those-they almost look lavendar!

Your ideas sound great..wish I was going!

Chris said...

Hey Christy, if we decide that we want to go with these boots, think you would be willing to go buy 6 pairs and then send them up to us?

And I can't remember now if Mel was opposed to these boots in particular or not. I know I had mentioned pink boots and she was against those.

Christine R said...

I would gladly, happily, excitedly go pick up boots for you guys and mail them to you! Just let me know and I will be a scrapper on a mission!

Chris said...

Thanks for being so nice and willing to go on errands for us. :) I think we may pass on them for the dorm as we don't really have pink in our color scheme. (Maybe that's why Mel was against the pink.) However, I may still ask you to pick me up a pair. Need to decide how much I really would use Wellies.

~Mel said...

Yes, I was against the pink boots. Stone me to death, why don't you!!

I'm against them for a few reasons: 1) Pink is not a Fireman color 2) Pink would not go with our costume and what we are trying to do 3) I don't want Pink/Black boots. :P