Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Derby Cars are Rolling In

We got our first mail-in entry for the Derby last night. It's... special. I'll have to update later with a picture. I had mailed a kit to my brother. Well, he didn't make the car, but apparently a hiker named Trout whittled it. I'll have to put the wheels on and maybe bring it up to weight, but yay for getting an entry! I had half expected my brother to mail me back the kit untouched, so was pleased to see this. And I don't even really mind that Andrew wasn't the one to whittle it.


Brittany's Corner said...

hooray!!! Glad you brother was able to get in on what sounds like lots of fun.

Christine R said...

we are going to make a car too! i clicked on your link to the derby thing but it's not working. where can i find the kits again?

Chris said...

Kits are available from any Boy Scout Store. Or I found one place online. If you're desparate, I can mail you a kit.

And I know I promised a pic of Trout's car, but my computer was on the fritz last night.