Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Introducing random posters

So I just saw that Kate posted on my last post. Yay, Kate! However, none of you know Kate. Also, Darlene has posted a couple of times, and only Mel knows who she is. So, it's time for some introductions.

Darlene: I've known her since 6th grade. I suppose some might argue that we've known each other since 3rd grade since we were in ballet together (and we have the picture to prove it), but I have no recollection of her from that time. Anyway, in 6th grade we were teamed up together to work on a LIGHTS project. (That's Learning for the Intellectually Gifted and Highly Talented Students.) We wrote a story called "A Ghost in the LIGHTS Room". Somewhere I still have my copy. It's really bad. We took turns writing sections and then we couldn't come up with an ending so we asked the rest of the 6th grade to do it for us. Anyway, I think it was in high school that we became better friends, all because of Spanish class and Odyssey of the Mind. She's pretty much the only friend I keep in touch with since high school.

Kate: I met Kate the summer of 2001. She was working at Mount Washington Valley Theatre Company with Chris. By the way, never think about taking employment there. I'm sure Kate is full of plenty of horror stories! Anway, Kate's a letter writer, and I'm a letter writer (or at least I used to be) so we ended up corresponding for the rest of the summer after Chris quit and then we continued to correspond. She understands my wackiness and appreciates a good Pinewood Derby challenge. I sent her the blog link to show off the start of my Derby Cow. Kate was also the first brave soul to get up and sing at our wedding reception. (To get us to kiss, we asked guests to sing a song from a musical.)

Coincidentally they were both seated at the same table at my wedding. That's when these pictures are from. We had placed disposable cameras with a list of photos to take on each table. One of the items was to get a picture of everyone seated at the table, so they passed the camera around taking self portraits. So do you guys hate me now for posting these pictures?


Christine R said...

Ah the pictures are great!

Love to hear stories of friends. Lets us in your life a little! They look like nice people and anyone who gets up to sing in front of people..well how cool is that?

Kate said...

oh. my. and the sad thing was there was no alcohol involved on my part.