Friday, July 07, 2006

I scrapped last night. I was thoroughly inspired. Ok, I was inspired even before we took the picture since the picture was taken with the layout in mind. Layout

And in other news- hiker gossip. So my brother is hiking the Pacific Crest Trail (goes from Mexico to Canada). I’ve been his support person and he emails me journal entries that I then post to his blog. When I update (usually about once a week or so) I then send out a message to his distribution list letting people know that the blog has been updated. Same with pictures- he mails me his memory card and I upload the pictures for everyone.

Well, he’s been hiking with this girl named Treehugger. (Oh yeah, that’s the other thing. All the hikers take “Trail Names”. Andrew’s name is Haiku.) And when I say they are hiking together, I mean they’re doing more than just hiking together. But my whole point is that everyone (well, about 3 or 4 people) seems to email me to check in on the situation and to see if more is going on between them, commenting that they want to see pictures of her, being glad that she’s back on the trail with him after being injured, etc. I emailed Andrew once to comment that “everyone” was asking me about them and he couldn’t figure out why they would do this. He thought people should just read his journal and figure it out for themselves. Well Andrew, that’s all well and good, but people like to gossip! But why must I be the one stuck in the middle!

***Edited to add, if you want to check out Andrew's blog to read all about his adventures, go to


Brittany's Corner said...

You are a great sister. I don't even know your brother and I want to know about him and treehugger! How did she get injured? How long have they been together? Is it real serious? You know......all the normal gossip. LOL. your LO. it is great!

Chris said...

I have now added a link to Andrew's site in my original entry. One of these days I'll add links to the sside of the blog and he'll be up there.

Also, if you are really interested, you could also read Treehuggre's journal, which is at

~Mel said...

Andrew & Treehugger sitting in the tree...k-i-s-s-i-n-g.

Get it... sitting in a tree with treehugger.

Chris said...

Mel- that was a really bad joke!

Michelle said...

Cute layout! I love the little flag paperclip :)

Christine R said...

love the layout! i will be checking out the blog as soon as i get back! I love hiking so I'm excited to read all about it!