Monday, July 17, 2006

More cows...

Got into Boston at 11 yesterday and left Cambridge after the final cow around 6:30 or so. It was a hot humid day and Chris and I were both exhausted and very glad to get home.

I have now seen almost all of the cows. There were two on my map that we couldn’t find, and the map doesn’t have two of the cows that are listed on the website. However, I would say that seeing 115 cows is still pretty impressive! Now how do I go about scrapping these?

Also, could someone please explain to me what screaming primates throwing bones in the air and Native American chiefs have to do with “Spirit of St. Louis”? I really didn’t get that one.

Here are some favorites.

Make Way for Calflings
Bovine Moosic (The music on it is "Torreador" from Carmen.)

Also, was amused by the very precise cleaning time on this sign.

And some funky architecture.

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